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Kiosks became popular in the 90s in small spaces around Metro Manila. Open for everyone and offering a curated selection of stools and chairs, Kiosks became the go-to solution for new generations of young restaurant owners searching for furnishings that offered a competitive edge and value-added design across the Metro Manila area.

Our company is one of the pioneers when it comes to kiosk design for retail stores and other businesses offering affordable services that are guaranteed to give you the best value of what you have spent.


kiosk design Philippines



Why Choose Us for Your Kiosk Design Needs?


What sets us apart from others is that we are special-purpose kiosk designers and fabricators who customize with different accessories to make it a famous storefront alternative for small businesses. They are like mini stores and called Kiosks or vending kiosks. Retail fixtures, visual merchandising, and shelves are added to the kiosk to make it much more appealing.

We, at our company, specialize in establishing an impression with concepts and style. Keeping the most essential parameters in mind in kiosk designing makes our company pioneer in the industry. We know that competition may come and go. However, we are here to stay and we always aim to make a wave of impressions with the most elite and elegant stalls.

Some of the things that made us pioneer in kiosk designing are as follows:


  • Every kiosk may be modified to suit the products that it offers whether it’s food or some accessories and products.
  • It does not matter what the location is because we can design kiosks that are specific to your location and design of your preferred area.
  • Our design is efficient, which makes our kiosk design a definite crowd-puller among some big shops.
  • If you have some space constraints, we’ll set up your kiosks that make most of the space you have without distancing the products from your customer’s eye level.
  • Whether you require small, big, sophisticated, or compact, we can create a setup that would fit your location’s size perfectly.
  • We are manufacturers, designers, and suppliers of various kiosks as we have a team of highly experienced designers with material expertise.
  • We have vast experience in interior design and display solutions, making us the best in kiosk design Philippines.


Kiosk design requires expertise and skills. Some professionals only have the expertise, but as an industry leader, we have the different qualities of the best company that offers kiosk design services. So, whatever you prefer with your kiosk design, whether you want something specific or unique, we can handle the job for you.

Our company offers the highest possible level of customer service. Our technical staff undergoes continuous technical training to make sure that your decisions best suit your unique needs. You can always rely on us to help you after, during or before every kiosk design project. Give us a call today and know why we are the number one in the industry!


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At Renovation Philippines,  We are the Renovation and fabrication specialists that keep your business impressive and well-known in the Philippines. Call today and find out more about how we can help you.


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