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Wooden Cabinets Philippines


When it comes to crafting cabinets, what are the available options besides wood? The cabinets that are not made of wood are made of either laminate or Thermofoil, which both come in different textures, colors, and appearances. Most of these are made to imitate the wood’s appearance, yet what they can’t duplicate is the wood’s durability.

Synthetic cabinet material is typically the best option if you’re working with a small budget or short time frame. But, nothing beats wooden cabinets Philippines as it offer a lot of benefits.


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Advantages of Wooden Cabinets Philippines


  • Customization

Wood can be used in various ways and is flexible when it comes to color, design, and shape. Wooden cabinets aren’t labor intensive, which means that you will always find more affordable prices on customizations and installation. On the other hand, the metal cabinets are extremely labor-intensive and may cost more money.

  • Appearance

Wooden cabinets have a particular look. They are timeless, beautiful, and classic. The look of the real wooden cabinets adds value to any office space and is very noteworthy.


  • Variety of Wooden Cabinets

There are countless kinds of wood that differ in appearance, durability, and cost. The wood variety outweighs any cabinetry material, particularly because you can paint wood with your preferred color.


  • Durability

Not every wood is made equal. Several wood cabinets provide more durability compared to others. High-end woods are durable and renowned to last for a lot of years. For example, white oak is more durable compared to red oak.


Types of Wood to Choose from for Your Cabinets


Some of the common kinds of wood for your cabinets are as follows:

  • Pine – This is renowned for incurring dents much easier than some kinds of hardwoods, even if it’s still used for cabinetry. Knots found in the pinewood work well for traditional or country-style cabinets depending on the décor.
  • Cherry – The cheery wood’s color lightens over time, particularly with exposure to the light. Within several months of installation, the color might differ. Cherry comes without and with rustic knots and may tend to be one of the durable words that can withstand a fair share of the good knocks.
  • Oak – It’s a wood with a medium to light color that has more refined grain compared to maple wood. It has natural knots and some streaks in it and looks great with polished finish.
  • Maple – It’s a grainy lightwood, which has a consistent color base and is famous once you plan to paint your cabinets with a solid color.


Wooden cabinets remain to be the top choice for quality cabinets. They look good year after year. That is the reason why wooden cabinets are frequently the costlier option, yet not when you work with our company. We want everybody to have an office space they will surely love at a price they can afford. We also offer the latest wooden cabinet styles at reasonable rates. So, make sure to check out our collection of wooden cabinets and other office furniture!


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