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If you are starting from scratch with your building or renovation idea, the very first step is to look for a designer who will help you in drawing up the plans. After that, you will need to hire a contractor who will bring your project to life. To make these steps easier on your part, our design and renovation services are here to make everything as seamless and convenient as possible.

Our design and renovation services deliver a single entity which offers both design and renovation services. With our team, you can get everything you need from just a single company.


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Why Choose Our Design and Renovation Services

Expertise and Experience

While most firms claim that they offer both design and renovation services, usually, they just end up specializing in either one of the two.

When you work with us, you can expect to work hand in hand with a well-rounded team where every member has the expertise in the two fields to provide you the best possible results, right from the stages of planning up to the design’s actual implementation.

Everyone Works on the Same team

When the contractor/builders and designers battle for the same team, you can look forward to getting complete accountability. There are no pointing fingers if an issue arises because everyone aims to offer the highest level of customer service.

It doesn’t matter if you are remodeling and gutting your home, or updating your kitchen, you will surely want a team that works together as a single cohesive unit to solve issues, and get things done right.

Continuous Consistency

The use of our design and build/renovation services means that only one company will be involved from the start of the project until the final wood chips have been swept away, and flecks of dust from the construction have been wiped away.

This way, you can be sure that your whole project is properly laid out in such a way that is structured and organized, with every step getting the same amount of attention and care. Nothing will become an afterthought or fail to the wayside just to be found down the road. Our design and build company will work like a well-oiled machine right from the beginning to the end.

Collaboration and Communication

Since everyone on our design and build/renovation team works for just one company, it makes the communication fluid and constant. Our team works seamlessly as one to identify what is going on. On top of that, it means that you just one point of contact instead of having to call back and forth between two different companies to know who holds the ball.

Honest, easy, and open communication with our customers is among the biggest advantages of our design and build/renovation services. The process is not only about the professionals involved as it also calls for the

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Services We offer for Home and Businesses


Office interior Design & Renovation

Bullet TickWe provide one stop Office interior Design, Space Planning, Storage Solutions, Office Furnitures, Reinstatement and Relocation services.


Home Interior Design & Renovation

Bullet TickWe provide professional Interior Design & Renovation Service to personalise your home to your lifestyle & needs


Commercial & Retail Design & Renovation

Bullet TickWe provide Commercial & Retail Design & Renovation services such as Exhibition Booth Design & Build, Retail Shop & Kiosk Design & build.

About Us


With an emphasis on innovation and creativity, our company is the only team you will need to find a solution for your design and renovation concerns. Being in the industry for many years, we have become the design and renovation company Philippines by delivering high quality and fast services to each of our clients from the very beginning to the completion of any projects. Thanks to our superior customer care, attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to achieve nothing but the best, our company has built a reputation in the industry of design and renovation, which sets us apart from the tough competition.

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Here’s Some Of Our Customers review & comments

RenoPhils and his people proved to be very professional and trustworthy. they were able to build us a nice modern booth and they used high-end, great quality materials.


Mount Rock Powder Corp.

They’re able to visualize the designs that we want in our office and execute/build them exactly how they presented it. t was so easy working with Renovation Philippines and the output was really impressive.

Gennex Corp.

Great team to work with. They managed to meet our high expectations and hands on, on every detail, deliver projects on time! and most of all they are really concerned for their client’s requirements and satisfaction

Acton Techno Phils.

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