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Your baristas and crew seem to be bumping into each other more and more often. The cabinets refuse to stay closed, and your customers end up falling behind slow-moving lines, with many of them giving off a sense of palpable rage. Chances are you rarely see your customers right under that track lighting which used to look ambient but for some reason, it seemed like obnoxiously not enough anymore. You glance at your tired-looking logo. Its paint color was the talk of the town back in 2010, but you realize that it is now time to make some changes.

No matter what your moment of realization might be, or how it happened, the thought that a coffee shop renovation is lurking around the corner could lead to even more questions.


coffee shop renovation Philippines


How will you allocate your available resources? How much budget should you set? Will you be shutting down the shop completely, or will it be business as usual during the renovation? All these considerations and so much more are essential to have a smooth remodel. What is more vital is how you are going to use the chance of renovation to take your business to the next level. Every change must play a crucial role in making your brand identity stronger and more solid.

Setting a clearer goal as to why you will tear down walls and say sorry to your customers for the dust can help answer questions that could arise during the process. What is much better is that a clear vision can help you stay committed to your project as a whole.

You can never take the plunge half-heartedly.  You can never reopen with an old logo and old cups, or the same old recipes inside a newer space. Our company works with specialty coffee shops to plan remodels, rebranding projects, and build-outs. We operate by the philosophy that if you touch just a single aspect of your business, this is also your perfect chance to touch every single thing in it. The brand is not merely a concept. Instead, this is a lens and philosophy that you have to live by. This means that it will affect all the things that you can see with your eyes.

When you focus on the vision for the image and brand of your company, you can never take for granted or forget the imminently practical remodeling elements. We strongly advice that you keep track of licensing the moment you start building plans. You might also want to go down and visit the health department because if you have plans to change your menu and use some new equipment pieces, you also ought to let them know about it.

We also stress the importance of staying in touch with your customers during the process of renovation, whether you will stay open or not. Signage, social media, and engaging with your customers are pieces that you have to use. Construction projects offer fodder for personal conversations and social media content.

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