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3D Office Design Philippines


3D modeling has relatively changed how our experts design our projects for the better. Not only does a 3D office design help our clients and our designers in visualizing space requirements for it can also improve drawing accuracy and efficiency.

Our 3D office design allows us to see what we will not be able to see if we design the project in 2D. This is what gives our office designers the ability to physically see and check how much space a certain object will use up from all perspectives. If we just stick with 2D design, there will still be a need for our designers to create another elevation view and plan to view the space requirements of every object, and this is something that will take up more time and effort to do.

Through our 3D office designs, the design will be made in just a single model. On the other hand, if the design has been done in 2D, this is usually made in several models, one for every view. Through coming up with a design in several models, it can create an atmosphere where more errors can take place, especially if some details have been duplicated.


Office 3D Design Philippines


When the office design is made in 3D, it helps our designers with better coordination. Our designers will walk through the 3D model through the use of a specialized software. It lets us see the actual space and size of the design. This can also allow us to check if our designs conflict with other existing condition or disciplines they might not be able to see readily in the traditional 2D designs. Thanks to this 3D walkthrough software, we are also given the chance to run some interference checks to know if our design classes with the rest of the items in our 3D model. With the help of this unique software, our team can easily determine if the existing design allows operational access and equipment maintenance access, and addresses some safety issues at the same time. It allows our designers to come up with a more user-friendly design for end users.

When designs are made in 3D, our designers can also review and recheck the design with the use of 3D walkthrough software with end users. It is specifically helpful for the end users who are having some difficulties in visualizing designs from the 2D drawings. It lets them see how much access and clearance they will have around the design before this is physically built.

The benefits of 3D office design for our designers is not only limited to coordination and productivity, this is a great communication tool for you and our designers. These 3D models will be able to help spark some crucial conversations and discussions during the design stage, and possibly avoid some expensive construction mishaps.

Don’t just settle for the traditional 2D office designs. Our experts are here to provide you the best 3D office designs that can work well for your business and organization, and ensure the most work-conducive spaces for everyone.


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