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Custom Conference TableIn the world where opinions and wrong information could spin out of control, what are the things you can do to regain trust and take control of the process of decision making? Well, the answer is getting people together in real life. It is time to set aside instant messaging chat software for a while and get back into the habit of meeting with your customers and employees personally across the old school conference table.

But, why it’s a good idea to consider custom conference table Philippines rather than a typical conference table?



Custom Conference Tables Offer You a Psychological Advantage


If you want to get a yes in your meeting, there’s nothing like meeting personally. However, there is more to the story. There is also a bit of theory about psychological aspects of the conference table layouts as well as seating arrangements and the effect they could have on influencing the meetings. For instance, installing impressive custom conference table Philippines can make a positive, lasting impression on your visitors and colleagues as part of your branding program. Various conference table shapes may affect unspoken power dynamic around conference tables. Insight awareness may help you influence the meeting results.

If your aim is to make a wise decision at pitch presentations, conference tables with trapezoid shape is perfect for making presentations to decision-makers The unique design of trapezoid table is wider at far end and allows participants to view live presentations or video screens without the need to lean forward to try getting a clear view. From the psychological perspective, trapezoidal table formats help reinforce power hierarchy as the senior will sit at the power position is which is the opposite end of the presenter.

If you have to encourage participation, elliptical and round tables are a good choice since these put the participants at ease through giving every person an equal spot at the conference table. To keep a collaborative atmosphere, consider getting rid of taking the leadership stance through removing chairs and moving chair back. IT would send an intimidation signal, which could undermine your meeting’s goal.

If elliptical and round conference tables are made for collecting input and collaboration, long rectangular conference tables are great when it is crunch time and you have to come to an important decision. Long rectangular conference tables also reinforce management hierarchy. Once the group leader seated at the end of the long conference table, he is establishing psychological presence that reinforces the position of power.


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At our company, we always take the design of conference tables and other office furniture sets seriously. We create every piece of office furniture with quality materials and your needs in mind. Our collection of custom conference tables features coordinated system of components that match and mix on your requirements. All of these are made to work together to make a full range of work setting solutions including flexible, individual private workstation areas as well as informal touchdown spaces, employee break rooms, and executive conference rooms.


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